1. Cycled to Tetbury the other week for some really overpriced sandwiches. Town hall was looking pretty with all the flowers #cotswolds #cycling

  2. Postcard from my sister it’s called ‘kissing behind the barricades’ I’m not sure if they are meant to be lesbians, they look more like soviet land army ladies! #postcard #post #mail

  3. Visited the Tudor Portraits at Gloucester City Museum, basically if you left some money to the poor or some widows, you’d get a portrait made of you after your dead, which would hang in the Council Offices! Bribery will get you everywhere (after death) one guy left £200 to be spent on wine for the council!! #tudors #portraits #loveart

  4. Is this Arlington Row, Bibury in the front of my new passport?? #cotswolds

  5. After the #Cotswold big swim in keynes country park with @laurajspencer

  6. Foil head, getting my hair done for first time in England in 5 years. I feel like I’m betraying my old hair dressers in Cardiff, but all my uni friends have now moved away, so I have no-one to visit there. #selfie #hairdressers #hairdresserselfie

  7. Just waiting for my panini to be made in #gloucester, crazy plastic plants with a grey sofa. I had a Marilyn moment walking here, skirt flew fully up in front of two old ladies, who found it hilarious!

  8. Good swim in #Cirencester Outdoor pool, I remembered I have a 1mile lake swim on Saturday, better get some training in!!

  9. Banana and walnut cake with @wallpaperrose #london

  10. Michelle’s 26th birthday, with her princess cake, that looks slightly like an amputated pig! @mlredbourn